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The basis of our teaching philosophy is to provide the student with
the necessary tools for the realization of their personal musical
dream. We believe in the teaching triangle: Teacher-Student-Parent.
We believe that the highest form of music teaching is the one that
enables the student to learn
how to teach himself/herself and to
make personal decisions in their playing.  The best teacher is the
one who gives wings to the students so they can fly!
The peace, happiness, and mental health of our students is
very important to us.  In the competitive world we live in, we must
learn to choose what is relevant and necessary to us, personally,
and in our lives.  Each student is a universe in the Warrior World.

Love, respect, and support are three major ingredients of our
teaching philosophy.  We hope to instill in our students the
humility and passion necessary for a successful quest for

Rosita Kerr Mang's Piano Studio